Located in the U.S. National Register of Historical Places, the Wamsutta Mills. The Center is home to over 200 dealers and consigners featuring antiques and collectibles from early Americana to Mid-Century to todays treasures. With speciality stores within the Center which include a flower shoppe boutique, an ephemera store, the cast-iron store and vintage clothing you can see why Tripadvisor.com. states “When visiting Historic New Bedford the Center is one of the Top things to do ! “ The Center is also the largest antique consignment venues in the Southcoast Region. So if you have one piece or an estate full of treasures , the Center will preview your items and consign them. The staff has over 100 years of collective knowledge in the antique trade from buying to selling to refinishing to retailing. Located less than a ¼ of a mile from Route 195 and minutes from the National Park in Downtown New Bedford….You will see why Shermans Travel Blog states “ When visiting New Bedford, the Center is the standout among the antique shops ! “



The term antique is used rather loosely among the masses, and often ends up reflecting the age of the person using it. To a teenager, for example, a toy from the ‘60s seems “antique,” while a senior adult might see it as something they used or saw in the home of their parents or grandparents as a child.

Of course, you can ask a dozen different antiques “experts” what an antique is and you’ll get number of different answers. I’ve actually been in a room where a moderator encouraged a heated debate on the topic.


Some experts look more at high style and design when deeming an object antique. They see antiques as “masterpieces” of design and of only the highest quality. With this assessment, everything from primitive furniture to faceless Amish rag dolls from the late 1900s would not be considered antique. I disagreed with these folks then, and continue to disagree today.

Thanks to antiques.about.com for that fantastic definition.


ELECTRIC TRAINSA vintage toy could be anything from vintage marbles to jacks to mechanical tin-toys to wind-up or pull toys. The Center has collectors who have early board games to Dinky toys from tin soldiers to dolls of every size and shape.



A collectible is anything you need to collect! From Elvis memorabilia, to a Fred Flintstone drinking glass, to an old tool, to salt and pepper shakers. The Center is the premier venue for the one of a kind to the ordinary find.